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Pastel Portraits

170,00 € tax incl.

  • 44 x 56 cm
  • 50 x 70 cm
  • 35x45 cm
  • Simple
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Quadruple

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  • The pastel portrait is painted from photos on velour paper. The sizes are 35x45cm, 44x58cm and 50x70cm according to the number of subjects

    Send me an email with the details your order with a digital version of the photo(s). If the photo is in a paper format, you'll have to do a scan and save the file in a dedicated web format; usually JPEG is the most suitable. I will let you know the same day if your photo is good enough to work with and if I need some more documents or information.

    Pastel portraits usually takeout 2 weeks to complete, this may vary during busy seasons like Christmas time, Eastern or mother day.

    • The price of a 35x45cm single pastel portrait is 140.00€
    • The price of a 44x58cm single pastel portrait is 170.00€
    • The price of a 50x70cm single pastel portrait is 200.00€
    • The price of a 44x58cm double pastel portrait is 290.00€
    • The price of a 50x70cm double pastel portrait is 320.00€
    • The price of a 50x70cm triple pastel portrait is 420.00€
    • The price of a 50x70cm quadruple pastel portrait is 520.00€
    • 50% deposit (non refundable) is required on order. The portrait will be started after I receive the deposit. Choosethe option "deposit" in the product page payment options.
    • 50% final payment. Once the portrait completed, you will receive a preview by email so you can be sure it looks like you expected. Only at this moment, you pay the balance by choosing "final payment" on the product page payment options.Your portrait will be sent by the courier service of your choice. The delay of delivery will depend on this choice and your location.
    • You can also pay in one step to speed up the process if you want to receive your portrait sooner.

    The portrait is sent in a tube, framing is not included and not recommended before shipping. Your photos on paper will be returned with your portrait. You will get also all the needed information for framing which are very important to keep your portrait in a good statement along the years. As you surely know, an artist retain all rights to artworks created.

    If professionnel photographs are to be used, signed reproduction authorization must be obtained from the photographer prior to start the portrait.

    For scheduling purpose or additional information, please email me.

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