I am a french artist. Since 1986, I use to work in different places in the southern part of France. After my baccalaureate and 4 years of studies in architecture, I decided to stop everything to devote myself to what I felt like a gift; Painting portraits.

The choice of Pastels came when I was 16, I was given a calendar drawn by an Italian artist showing twelve astounding portraits of women and children letting me no choice but to fall in love with this medium. After severals years of training on photos, a lot of self-portraits and many friends sittings, I decided to think more seriously of a professional approach of my hobby.

The summer 1986, I started my first 'street workshop'. At the time, I worked more with Sepia than with Pastels. This way to work in the street is very common in Europe and you find a lot of artists expressing their art on many marina in summertime and all the year at "Montmartre" the legendary place where to have your portrait done during a journey in Paris.

The art of portrait painting is one of the most challenging and amazing to watch, it is the reason why, sometime, if the artist is talented, you can see more than 100 people surrounding him waiting stroke after stroke the end of the session.


-I personnely saw people staying an entire evening behind me looking at me working for hours. In fact working this way makes you a performer contrary to the artist in his workshop. It is like comparing a singer performing on stage with another recording quietly in a studio, it is a different feeling, I definitely prefer to work from sitting.

After a long stay at Saint Martin where I have been working for about 7 years , a half dutch-half french island in the northen neederland 's Antilleans, close to Porto Rico, I decided to go back to France in a very pretty small city named Bergerac, now my house is there.

Year after year, during my exhibitions, I met a lot of peolpe at different places and from different countries who let me know their interest in my art and their desire to learn my technique, If I teached, and how could they keep in touch with me.

It is the first reason why I decided to create this site. I wanted all my customers all around the world to find me and contact me just to say me hello, to let me know how to fix a problem they may have with a portrait, or to be able to offer a portrait for a special occasion like for Christmas or whatever reason. If you are one of them, please fell free to sign the guest book.

For now, I hope you'll enjoy this site and wish you to become one of my numerous customers. I have one goal, make this site a showcase for my customers who wish to have their portrait displayed here and offer to everyone from all over the world the opportunity to have a wonderfull portrait without spending a fortune.

                                          Gerard Mineo